The Rock Monkey

If you don’t already know about this guy…you should. Check out his bio.

Renan Ozturk is an incredible artist.

The Camp4Collective co-founder and “adventurer of the year” nominee has produced some magnificent films. Check out his bio.

As it Happens

But I am most impressed with his artwork. The world-class mountaineer has beautifully captured some of the most remote places on earth during his global adventures.

After graduating from Colorado College, Ozturk jettisoned most of his worldly possessions and decided to make his home in the deserts around Moab, Utah. His art flourished in pencil sketchbooks and then grew into large canvases laid out across…”

Renan Yosemite

The Journey Begins


Listen. Think. React.

Enter my stream of consciousness.

The journey begins!!!

A. Crow