Van Morrison – Warm Love

Six Blade Knife

Caravan- Live

Hard Nose the Highway – Autumn Comes to Town

Van Morrison - Hard Nose the Highway For some reason Hard Nose the Highway received not-so-stellar reviews when it was released in 1973. I’m not sure what the f$%^ the so-called “music critics” had stuffed in their respective ears, but this is a GREAT album. The bass bounces all over the place throughout the album, ┬ábut the gem, and the reason for the post is unknown Van the Man classic, Autumn Song.

Yes, fall is here in Vermont and up in the mountains it’s peak right now. While beautiful it is only a just a precursor of the best time of year in Vermont…winter. That’s right get your skis ready!!!

Oh yeah, I included the entire album, but fast forward to 26:20 if you want to listen to the Autumn Song.